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By: AJODA - jazyková škola  04. 09. 2010
Klíčová slova: Jazyková škola, Jazykové Kurzy, Cizí Jazyky

All interested in the Czech language at the age of 18-99, who
•    need information about language exams
•    want to learn more about the exam process and types of exercises
•    want to prepare both theoretically and practically for the exam
•    want to know their strong and weak points as they can, according recommendations, continue their self-study exam preparation

Are you going to sit a Czech language exam?
Then the course is designed for you!

- Czech classes  – general introduction to language exams, description of language levels, self-assessment, theoretical and practical introduction to individual parts of the examination and different types of exercises, model exercises, typical mistakes, exam strategies, individual consultations, recommendations for self-study.
- Introduction to the capital of the Czech republic (sights, cultural and sports programme).
- Detail course content will be sent to your email after receiving your preliminary application form.
- Final concept of the course depends on the requests of the participants, which we try to meet (regarding information written in the binding application form).


For students not taking the language exam an alternative programme in form of a day-long trip is prepared.


- 6 days á 8 classes  = total 48 lessons
- morning : 9.00-10.30 + 10.45-12.15
- afternoon: 14.00-15.30 + 15.45-17.15
- Number of participants in a class: max. 7
- Teaching materials: own textbook + additional materials
- Teaching spaces: at the hotel

- The exam takes place on Saturday 7.11.2010 at 10 o´clock.
- You will be accompanied by our teachers to the place of the examination.
- You need to sign up for the exam ONLINE! We will be glad to assist you in completing the application.
- At the same time you pay the application fee. 
- The exam fee (according level and the examination organizer):   ca. 3.500,-  Kč
- Within the course you will be given detail information about the examination procedure, its parts, task types and you will sit a model test.

- In the hotel part of dormitories of the University of Economics.
- Double-bed room – included in the price of the course

- Single room – additional charge 7 Eur / night
- Parking at the hotel guarded parking lot.
- Internet.
- Very good transport accessibility and connection to the city center.

- Breakfast is included in the price of the course.
- Other meals arranged individually by students – at own expense.
- Price of the lunch menu  in Prague up to 120,- Kč (including drinks).
- In case of your interest in the course, fill in the as soon as possible (preliminary application).
- Detail information about the course will be sent to your email - course content, accommodation, programme, payment conditions etc.
- Fill in the binding application WORD form, which will be also sent to your email, and send it back to us as soon as possible.
- Pay the application fee 250,- EUR at the same time.

- Your binding application form must be sent in + application fee paid by 10.10.2010 at the latest.
- Later application possible only after agreement with the organizers.
- Minimum number of participants: 3

- The price of the course:        590,- EUR
- The price of the course COVERS – classes (total 48 lessons), teaching materials, accommodation in double-bed rooms and breakfast.
- The price of the course DOES NOT COVER – application fee for the language exam, additional programme (entrance fees) and boarding.
- Payment in 2 installments:        1. Application fee               250,- EUR
                                                               Payment transfer to our account by 10.10.2010 at the latest.
                                                          2. Supplement payment     340,- EUR
                                                              + additional charge (parking, one-bed room etc.)
                                                              Payment in cash after arrival.

- In case the course is cancelled (ie less than 3 participants enroll) - full amount of the application fee will be refunded.
- Withdrawing from the course after sending in the binding application form and paying application fee:   
                                    by 9.10.                  0%    of application fee
                                   after 10.10.          100%    of application fee

- 29.10.2010 – FR afternoon
- You will be expected at the hotel from 16.00 to 18.00 p.m.
- In case of sooner or later arrival, please, let us know sending a short message (SMS, Phone-call, E-mail).

- 7.11.2010 - SU afternoon

- All rights for changes reserved!
- Participants will be notified about changes in time.

Klíčová slova: Cizí Jazyky, Evropské Jazyky, Jazyková škola, Jazyková Výuka, Jazykové Kurzy, Pobytové Kurzy, Skupinová Výuka

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